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Foundation Training
Foundation Training in San Diego
Foundation Training by Dr. Lorena Lee

Foundation Training

A Note From Dr. Lorena Lee about Foundation Training:

Hi everyone!


I offer in-clinic (San Diego) sessions to help guide and correct your posture: ergonomic correction for your office space, picking up your children properly, daily movements that can injure your body and even pre and post workout activation for your body.

Foundation Training are a series of postures, poses and movements that teach you how to decompress your spine, hinge your hips properly, activate the posterior chain muscles instead of your joints.


The best way to experience sessions with me is to sign up and utilize Foundation Training streaming site first (click here they offer a trial period) and then schedule with me to check-in with your posture, form, and answer any questions you may have.


If you are coming in for the orthopedic acupuncture treatment with me, your Foundation Training mini-sessions are included. I'm looking forward to helping you optimize your movements and health!

- Dr. Lorena Lee, DAOM, LAc, DiplOM

Start Living Pain-Free

You deserve to get the most out of your life: Foundation Training is a comprehensive solution for pain-free living and long-term health.


If you are sitting or standing at a desk, picking up your children, working around the house, your work is physical or putting your body into awkward positions with repetitive movements (construction or even in a lab working on your bench), driving for long periods, relaxing on the couch, having pain with certain movements, then this is for you!

Through poses, body-weight exercises and breathing techniques, Foundation Training can help correct posture, activate core muscle groups, and offer pain relief. These exercises are designed to decompress the spine by using the proper levers of your body to maximize your movement.

Foundation Training Services

Dr. Lorena Lee is a certified Foundation Training Practitioner and Core Educator on the Foundation Training team, with the highest level of certification. She uses a combination of methods to ensure that during treatment, and after-treatment care is effective:

Integrate Foundation Training into your routine to achieve proper body alignment, increase body awareness, and experience pain-free days.


Private Foundation Training Private Sessions

30-minute sessions are $105

60-minute sessions are $225

Foundation Training Small Group Sessions

45-minute sessions are $35

Our Foundation Training Clients

“Dr. Lee is amazing! I was nearly disabled from a back injury 10 years ago and was not able to fully recover. After beginning treatments with Dr. Lee, her insightful and empowering treatment approach has transformed my life. I am stronger and closer to full mobility than I ever thought possible. I am grateful for her!”

Todd B.

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