Rates range depending on treatment type and length.

At the heart of Dr. Lee’s practice is acupuncture. Together, you will review your specific concerns and create a treatment plan.

Please call or text the office for rates.

If you have insurance, click here.


Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation

Complementary with treatment or $100 per 15-minute consultation. 

Dr. Lee offers a complementary Chinese herbal medicine consultation with every treatment and will make a recommendation for you based on your specific goals and health concerns.  


Tele-Medicine Session

$35 for 15-minute session

Meet with Dr. Lee by phone, FaceTime, or Skype where she will make a recommendation for you. Chinese herbal remedies, if recommended, may be shipped for free in the United States.


Foundation Training

$75 for 30-minute session

$150 for 60-minute session

Integrate Foundation Training into your routine as part of your after-treatment care. 

Please click here to learn more.


30 Minute Fire-Cupping and
Love Cupping (heart-shaped)

$55 for 30-minute session

Cupping relieves tension, detoxes your body, promotes circulation and faster muscle recovery.


Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Add-On

$35 as an add-on treatment

Maintain healthy and vibrant looking skin and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.


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