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Dr. Lorena Lee takes a holistic approach to stress and pain relief, through a combination of proven modern and traditional techniques.

 Acupuncture in San Diego



Acupuncture consists of the methodical placement of thin needles at specific points and depths on the body. Our acupuncture treatment is designed to alleviate pain, relief stress, help treat various health conditions, and creates balance in the body.

Learn Why Everyone Swears by Acupuncture

30 Minute Fire-Cupping and
Love Cupping (heart-shaped)


Fire cupping is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on aiding the body into recovery, whether that’s from workouts or a sickness.

Learn About our Love and Fire Cupping Services Now!

Fire Cupping San Diego
Foundation Training in San Diego
Foundation Training


You deserve to get the most out of your life: Foundation Training is a comprehensive solution for pain-free living and long-term health. Sitting at a desk, commuting for long periods, relaxing on the couch. Most of our lifestyles tend to be sedentary-prone, leading to a lack of blood flow and oxygen.

Learn More About Foundation Training

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation


Chinese herbal treatments are focused on balancing particular parts of the body with herbs consisting of different properties. Complementary with every treatment, so you can focus on balancing your body with fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

Learn More About Chinese Herbal Medicine

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Add-On


Facial acupuncture is a cosmetic acupuncture treatment geared toward aiding facial skin in maintaining its healthy and vibrant look. An extension of traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetic facial acupuncture can also prevent signs of aging from progressing, like fine lines and wrinkles. Acupuncture needles are applied to specific points on the face, to improve skin and blood flow throughout the face.

See Why Facial Acupuncture is a Great Addition

Facial Acupuncture
Out of pocket Service menu:

New Patient Acupuncture                200

Acupuncture                125

Acupuncture 30 Mins Reboot                  70

Add-on Cupping                  40

Add-on Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture                  40

Extended Facial Manual Therapy and Gua Sha                  35

Add-on Foundation Training (15 Mins)                  55

Add-on Manual Therapy                  80


Ear Seeds Therapy (No Needles)                  35

Cupping (15 Mins)                  60

Cupping (30 Mins)                  85


Foundation Training (30 Mins)                105

Foundation Training (60 Mins)                225

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