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Coregeous Ball

Coregeous Ball


The most versatile of all Roll Model® Therapy Balls, the Coregeous® Ball provide a gentle approach to the deepest of massages. With a unique grippy “skin”, this air-filled self-massage ball safely reaches your innermost abdominals and Vagus Nerve, activates your core and psoas, or can be used in place of a solid Therapy Ball for decreased palm pressure. *This product includes 1 Coregeous Ball and inflation straw.


Why settle for life with chronic pain? Address physical and mental health with the healing powers of the Coregeous® Ball. The unique stretchy outer layer grips fascia for maximum shear, especially when used on bare skin. No need to compromise!

The body is interconnected, and the gut is one of its central systems. Using proper technique (and the proper tool) to perform an inner-abdominal massage not only alleviates pain and stimulates digestion, but can also address stress and improve respiratory function for overall wellness by stimulating the Vagus Nerve (which creates a relaxation response).

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