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FLOW+ is a unique herbal blend of two potent ingredients shown to help improve the circulation of qi (energy) and blood flow: Dan Shen (Salvia) and San Qi (Notoginseng). Both of these herbs have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to address circulatory disorders that affect multiple body systems.

  • FLOW+ (the combination of Dan Shen and San Qi) works from the inside out to help improve blood circulation and benefit the body and mind. When blockages of energy and blood flow are removed, the body can start to produce fresh, potent red blood cells that are moved throughout the body. As cleaner, revitalized blood cells deliver more oxygen to the brain, the result is mental clarity and enhanced memory.


    When this invigorated blood reaches other areas of stagnation and inflammation, patients may also experience less pain and inflammation.


    Dan Shen: Invigorates circulation, cools blood, nourishes the heart, soothes tension, helps build blood cells


    San Qi: Aids clotting, loosens stagnant blood, reduces swelling, alleviates pain

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