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Your Body Is Your Vehicle. Are You On Auto-Pilot?

Take the wheel and become your own body mechanic!

One of my passions is to educate patients about their body. Humans are not one-size-fits-all, so it's important that you learn and understand how to navigate comfortably in your "vehicle", your body.

First things first: There are no quick fixes! According to Chinese Medicine, in order to address a symptom, you need to balance the whole body from the root. That’s why when I treat patients, I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of probing—because I want to diagnose the core problem. And so many of today’s Imbalances and symptoms develop from repetitive actions and habits.

Take for example a common problem—neck pain. When you spend all day and all night hunched over your electronic devices and computers, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. These common repetitive movements may not seem like much, especially when you’re younger but ohhhh it's coming! As we age, our bodies really start to feel certain symptoms whether it is pain, emotional upset, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances. All of these issues are due to either excesses or deficiencies that build up over time. Add to that certain physical traumas like car accidents, and the next thing you know, it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom. If this sounds familiar, take heart. Yes, is IS possible to rebalance the body through treatment and care. I've seen it with my patients…and I’ve experienced it myself.

About 15 years ago, while competing in a Brazilian jiujitsu tournament, my opponent wrapped me in a tight neck crank and then we both fell over. Pop! The sound came from my neck. And that was in just the beginning of our match. We maneuvered each other into a few other pretzel positions and then the match was over. As I was accepting my silver metal. I could feel my neck stiffening. In the next day and coming weeks, I found that I could NOT move my neck!

I made an appointment with THE BEST orthopedic doctor in New York City. Unfortunately, he could not find the problem in my x-ray, so per protocol he sent me to physical therapy, which helped some of my limited range of motion and discomfort but the root pain and stiffness was undeniably still there.

This was my wake up call. I was on a mission to find answers and get to the root of my nagging neck pain. I was thinking to myself, I'm in my 20's and I'm not supposed to have this kind of pain and tension. That's when I discovered Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

At the time, I worked in the corporate world in NYC. I sat in front of a computer all day and after work, I de-stressed training Muay Thai and Brazilian jiujitsu. No one told me about posture, ergonomics, digestion, hormones, and how it all played a role in my persistent neck pain. After seeing my acupuncturist, my perspective dramatically shifted. Suddenly, I had hope. I learned more about my body and relieving my pain and that was just the beginning. Most importantly, during this visit, I realized I wanted to help people, face to face. Not screen to screen. This was the moment I questioned my path and career. Spoiler alert: I made the biggest jump of my life, and it's been such a fascinating journey that I want to share what I have learned with you.


This space is to answer the most common questions I hear. If one of you has a question, there’s a good chance that others might be looking for the same information.

If you would like to learn something you think I might know about, please post the question below and I will answer your question in this section! I'm here for ya!


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